About us

Medical Staff
With decades of combined experience, the entire Medical Staff is concerned, informed and skilled in the treatment of women. The physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and medical assistants understand and respect the need for privacy, confidentiality and compassion when meeting with a patient and providing medical care. Patients can feel confident they will receive high quality care for everything from simple lab work to ultrasounds and gynecological exams to more complex procedures such as pregnancy terminations and other outpatient procedures. We specialize in compassionate care with the well-being of the whole patient in mind.

Health Educators
Our Health Educators provide patients with the most accurate up-to-date information available. These qualified individuals receive extensive training enabling them to assist and support our patients. They can provide pregnancy counseling that covers all available options including parenting, adoption and abortion.

Intake Coordinators
Intake Coordinators assist patients with questions, filling out paperwork or by just taking a moment to listen. It is the goal of everyone to make the patient’s experience as comfortable as possible. We understand that very often the first contact is the most important. So we’re available right from the start … to discuss concerns, provide as much information as possible prior to surgery or just ease the patient’s concerns.

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