Patient Testimonials

Very clean and very comfortable. Very caring doctors. The staff was very caring and empathetic during and before my procedure!! Awesome doctor who held my hand during the first time ever that I have been put under. – A.J.

Staff was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable. Thank you to the entire staff! Everyone was great 🙂 Just one more time- a huge thank you to the whole staff! I was nervous for the procedure and everyone was so kind, it really put me at ease. Keep up the great work! 🙂 – L.T.

The faculty was very very nice and helpful.” K.B.

The staff that I dealt with made me feel safe. I loved how private the online instructions were.- A.N.

Everyone was so polite, professional, and warm. I was treated with respect, dignity, and as a person, not just another patient. While the reason for being there was less than desirable, the experience was comfortable, and the entire staff reassured me that everything was going to be just fine. Seven months later, everything truly is going well, and the staff has continued to help me out with anything that has come up (refills for birth control, questions, etc.) – M.Z.

The Dr. who did my surgery was an angel! She took my hand and didn’t let go till I was asleep. She truly was my angel that day and I am so grateful to her! She is an amazing doctor and I will recommend your clinic to any girl who is struggling with this decision. Thank you to everyone at your clinic. -N.J.

The staff was absolutely amazing and so comforting. Honestly. I had the best experience that I could have had. I loved the staff. I am grateful that they were so comforting. I was so anxious and they calmed me down. The doctor was/is the best! J.T.

Having my nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists introduce themselves made me feel welcome and comfortable with my decision. I felt genuinely cared for and that made my experience much less scary. – L.D.

The staff was friendly and the services were exactly what I was looking for. -M.M.

I was very pleased with care I received. The nurse was kind. The anesthesiologist helped me relax and not worry. The doctor was a sweetheart. She held my hand as I was getting my shot and didn’t let go until I was asleep. She was very nice and the whole room with the doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists helped me feel better about everything. The care I received was the best. – L.F

Friendly and supportive staff. – J.P.

The medical staff was so awesome and very helpful and attentive. The friendly, helpful staff made me feel good, not bad. Thank you immensely for the human kindness I received from the staff at Aanchor. You are all super great and I needed it so badly that day! – V.V.

I like how friendly the staff was – B.K.

I like that they had an escort. – A.Z

Obviously the whole situation is not an easy one to handle, but everyone at AAnchor was very friendly and non-judgmental which is very helpful when dealing with such situations. I greatly appreciate it. – K.V.

It was amazing! I’m more than pleased with the care and support that I received. The staff was amazing and the nurses were the best. If it wasn’t for Jessica and Amy, I would have been a wreck. Thank you so much! – G.P

This process seemed very scary to me at first but after meeting the doctor who performed the surgery. I felt very comfortable and well-taken care of. She held my hand as soon as I went into the room and all the nurses and other staff was very helpful in the whole process. Overall I felt better as I left because I had very good service!” -M.L.